Mobile Banking - a Mobile Version of the Bank's Website with Additional Features


One customer, two banks, and three projects: A client request FortySeven to immediately suggest a bank imaging solution and create a hybrid website-based mobile app that would expand the site's service list of options. Later, an original mobile app appeared with a reduced set of features.

The features included:

  • Transfer management and payment verification
  • Regardless of whether the end-user needs to print a check on their way from a mobile device, track expenses, or generate quick reports, the original banking application is the most convenient option
  • The customer can introduce the hybrid mobile application to the market in a short time
Banking & Fintech services
Mobile Application Development, Hybrid Apps
Java, Mobile, Objective-C, Android SDK, iOS SDK


The client wanted to use the bank's website as the basis for mobile applications. Therefore, the online banking application is the browser that loads the site. Our mobile application development team used WebView, a component that allows users to view web content directly and add a few extra features.

FortySeven - Mobile Banking - a Mobile Version of the Bank's Website with Additional Features


Mobile banking opens a bank website on a mobile device to manage a user's bank account. In addition to accessing all the standard features, users of the hybrid mobile app have an additional options package. The following are some of the benefits of installing this hybrid mobile banking application to the users:

  • Review electronic money transfers
  • Broswer history and Gyroscopes
  • Stay informed of the full range of your banking products
  • Scan the information with a phone camera to automatically add it to the bank account, such as checking a credit card
  • Print checks using a WiFi printer
  • Safe caching to track the database and give the user more straightforward and faster access to the required data
  • Turn on payment cards, such as ordering new cards, monitoring cash flows, paying bills, etc.

The mobile banking solution enables bank users to manage their bank accounts on mobile devices. In addition to providing a mobile version of the banking website, the FortySeven' development team added extra features into the app. Also, the original mobile banking app was presented to bank customers to easily access their banking products and perform their primary banking operations.