HR Platform for Job Posting Automatization


Our development team was asked to create an HR platform to make searching for candidates across a number of career sites easier. We also needed to show companies the effectiveness of their current job advertizing campaigns to make them more efficient and budget-friendly.

Requirements to the platform included:

  • The company decides how many vacancies they need to fill and chooses the career sites to post the openings on. They will be charged a fee to use the service monthly. Since it connects with several sites there is no need to keep entering information for each site accessed.
  • The information is entered once on a form that is then automatically posted on all sites.
  • The company receives a monthly report with an analysis of the candidates behavior as well as results and competitors’ effectiveness with posted jobs.
Communication and Media
Web Application Development
JavaScript, React JS, PHP Symfony, PHP Laravel, Bootstrap


Using FortySeven proprietary technologies, we were able to create a web application that connects with millions of career websites all over the world and enables companies to access them all from one location. It also tracks and records how the candidate interacts with the system; response rate, vacancies, applying, clicks, etc.

FortySeven - HR Platform for Job Posting Automatization


The result is the capability of posting one job vacancy across multiple web sites using just one application. It's functionality includes:

  • Complies with the government standards of several countries
  • Range of available platforms include: commercial job boards of 180+ countries, social media, universities and alumni associations, major search engines
  • Analytics and reporting on vacancies, candidates’ response, certain job boards, activity, competitors, etc.
  • Various settings: time, platforms, duration

We were able to simplify the recruiting process for HR companies by automating routine functions like posting job vacancies and tracking reports. Part of the solution was to provide the companies with data analysis so they can monitor the effectiveness of their advertising.