Android App for a Cloud-Based OS


A customer came to use with a problem he was having trying to create a device that would operate as a desktop (a full-fledged equivalent) that was convenient and easy-to-use for homes and businesses. The problem occurs when the operating system, focused only on mobile devices (phones and tablets) failed to operate in the “home” functionality. With this problem he was unable to move forward and asked us to write a software program capable of fixing the issue and provide functionality for the device.

Requirements to the platform included:

  • The software would have to support high peak loads
  • The software would have to have a high level of security
  • The development of cryptocurrency transactions support (BTC/ETH) for customer on-boarding
Communication and Media
Mobile Application Development, Native apps
Java, Mobile, Android SDK, Android Studio, SQLite/ORMLite, IPC (AIDL)


When beginning this project we concentrated our efforts initially on the launcher’s multi-page UI. This allowed us quick access for creating different profiles and managing applications. Then we created a special browser that allowed children to open educational apps in “safe mode” to prevent kids from having to go online to access the program. We also created an app to configure the device during the first launch called Setup. It helped to adjust screen resolution, profile creation, and customization of Android for desktop. All the information and data about the children’s user accounts and applications are stored in the cloud.


The developed Application was made to where the parent’s accounts were on one side, and children’s accounts were on the other. The features includes:

  • Each side has their own profile that can be customized with wallpapers, icons, applications, etc.
  • Quick access to apps
  • Drag and drop for sorting and arranging
  • Parents can manage their kids use of screen time by establishing time limits, providing a list of “safe” applications they can use, and block access to the internet by enabling “safe mode” on the child’s account. You can monitor the child’s usage in real-time and be assured that the kids aren’t accessing sites they shouldn’t be.
  • Educational apps - an option for adding training apps into the list to increase knowledge of educational subjects

The PC-like device was able to reach full functionality with the addition of our software program. It is multifunctional as a home or business device with remote control for accessing Android and web applications quickly and easily.