Augmented Reality Postcard App


Making any holiday unforgettable or simply planning something special for no reason is rather a pleasure than a challenge. To give senders an opportunity to put all their creative ideas into action and let addressees get emotions as a gift, our mobile app development team designed Augmented Reality Postcard. It’s an iOS and Android native app which allows creating unique cards for further scanning and bringing them to life. Our customer also strived to establish a business model of postcard printing, delivery, and selling via the app.

A ‘travel path’ of a postcard starts with a sender who wants to present sheer joy. Using the Augmented Reality Postcard app, senders can:

  • Either select a postcard template from the gallery or create their own custom templates with a template designer
  • Add a photo that will be an identifying augmented reality marker. Upload a video — a layer over the real-life imagery
  • Choose background music, animations, or 3D visual effects to make a postcard more dynamic. Order postcards and pay for them via the app
  • Get postcards delivered to your friends or relatives
  • After getting a postcard, recipients should make a few simple steps to enjoy greetings: scan a postcard, either printed or digital, thus activating it
  • Watch the videos and be delighted by personalized messages
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Mobile Application Development, Native Apps
С/C++, Java, Mobile, NDK, Objective-C, iOS SDK, Android SDK, OpenCV, Open GL ES, XCode, Eclipse


Augmented Reality became a core thing during the implementation process. Motion sensors provide accurate video display; OpenGL ES has been used for rendering a 2D and 3D animation. A part of AR logic and algorithms were implemented in a cross-platform core using C++.


Our team developed a native mobile solution for iOS and Android to allow people to share their personal greetings across distances. The features includes:

  • Making a postcard
  • Designing custom postcard templates is available
  • Adding videos, animations, pictures, visual effects, etc.
  • Assisting in purchasing, printing, and delivery of the postcard
  • Using AR technologies to turn a paper postcard into a screen with a fun video

Augmented Reality Postcard helps to create greeting cards that can ‘speak’ and give hearty video congratulations. Augmented Reality to make the postcards reflect emotions.