Software Audit

The purpose of a software audit is to give you a sense of security that when you use any software within your organization, you are doing it in line with the terms of license from the manufacturer.


A software audit helps you make assessments so that you can stay within the licensing terms and avoid legal costs. It also helps you to detect whether you are using authentic versions of the software and that by using it you are not exposing your information and IT assets to security risks and threats.

Software Audit Services Include

What Makes Our Software Audit Services Unique

Best Practices

Thanks to our experienced team of professionals, we can advise our clients about the current best practices in the industry so that they can increase their competitiveness through more productive use of the software.

Cost Management

In addition to recommending changes in software policy, we help our clients manage the costs of acquiring software licenses and maintaining business continuity.

Client and Vendor Involvement

We encourage collaboration with clients and vendors so that you can develop the best solutions and resolve problems immediately.

In-house software audits

We advise our clients about the systems and resources they need to set up in-house software audits on a regular basis.

A Whole Team at Your Disposal

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