Building a Safe and Productive Digital Workplace

In this digitally fueled world, there are better opportunities to build a safe and productive digital workplace. However, if your business has been following a traditional workplace structure, it is the need of the hour to transform it into a digital/remote workplace. With the increasing destruction of people and the economy by a coronavirus, businesses are at stake.

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Current State of COVID-19 Crisis

The global economy is facing a recession due to prevailing health conditions and deteriorating circumstances every hour.  COVID19, with its first case reported in December 2019, has brought severe conditions for the economy, health, politics, and all the other significant arenas which run the world.

As of April 2020, there are more than 730,000 reported cases in over 199 countries. Unfortunately, the numbers are increasing every day.

According to health experts, the situation is going to worsen before it gets better. Keeping that in view, businesses are going to face major downfall before they revive until the end of summers.

While we have not technologically advanced enough to combat COVID19, technology has at least progressed to provide a workable solution for business in the form of the digital workplace.

An Effective Response

Responding to COVID19 comes with no medical solution. The medical facilities of an elite state like Italy have failed to contain the virus. With that, people are losing their minds and will to fight it. From governments at the international level to individuals at the local level, everyone has a single question in mind – how to fight COVID19 to prevent political, social, and economic fallout?

The answer is simple to put but challenging to practice – willpower and patience!

If the individuals have enough willpower not to let their bodies fall prey to COVID19, and they work with patience to work through the remnants, COVID19 will have little to affect businesses.

In this crisis period, decision making in itself is a challenge. It determines how businesses are going to operate in the near-future to have profitable long-term implications. The answer is simple – building a safe and productive workplace.

The need for the digital workplace has never been felt so badly by so many. Today, online businesses and entrepreneurs who have already given up on the ideas of traditional business environments are enjoying huge benefits.

Action Plan – Your Businesses Surviving COVID-19

IBM has given an effective action plan for businesses so that they best survive COVID19. According to IBM, there are four key elements to focus on businesses while crisis hits. These include employees, customers, and other stakeholders, finance and operations, and community as a whole.


Help Employees Adapt to Remote Working

  • Include all the significant resources and tools in the inventory. Make enough resources available for your employees
  • The main priority should be helping employees in conforming to the present resources and knowing how to operate digital tools
  • Utilize task and project management tools such as Trello and Jira
  • Provide traditional desktop employees with facilities like smartphones, internet connectivity, and Virtual desktop solutions
  • Ensure information security through technological processes such as DevOps
  • Conduct regular training for employees, if necessary and possible


Inform Your Partners About Important Changes

  • Start by prioritizing all your customers
  • Use email and social media channels to inform your existing and potential customers about service changes
  • Keep your customers updated on all the changes
  • Use efficient information delivery techniques such as email, text messaging bulk services
  • Use Agile methodology to review communication process to detect bottlenecks and make processes more effective
  • Engage Your Partners to use digital communication tools to be in control of the business process efficiency


Financial Crisis Management

  • A crisis-management board that includes all the key figures of your business say CEO, the board of directors (BODs) and top management to ensure a single crisis strategy and response worldwide
  • Operational control of inventory and adequate flow of resources for effective utilization
  • Strong financial control that required and that an integrated enterprise resource planning system
  • Optimization of financial processes to ensure proper cash flow and avert financial risk with the help of financial partners and credit unions

Serving the community

  • People, including your employees, customers, and the general public, build the community. As the crisis situation hit, it is important to ensure transparency and communication with your community to maintain a strong presence and build a positive narrative

How are we at FortySeven
Running Digital Workplace?

We are a workforce of 100s and allow our employees to work in a very flexible environment. It has helped us be consistent, efficient, and productive in our roles, even in the climate of crisis. Here are some of the effective approaches we have adopted to run our digital workplace:

Virtual Infrastructure
Our DevOps team has developed virtual infrastructure that enables VPN and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) along with Google Cloud solutions to ensure Google and Microsoft like a secure and protected environment.
Through virtual infrastructure and other security measures in place, we have looked out for cybersecurity threats and other potential security challenges.
Project Planning
We plan projects ahead of time using project management and planning tools that allow getting done with simple and small to complex and large-scale projects conveniently.
Health monitoring
As health is the top priority nowadays, we transformed into remote working immediately to maintain social distancing. Also, we monitor the health status of our employees every day. This largely helps in quick decision making and effective project planning.
Providing Resources
We offer resources for employee-owned tools such as smartphones and tablets to enhance productivity and efficiency. This mainly includes software, security and communication tools

How can we help you Manage Digital Workplace?

Within 24

Analyze your current business environment and look into the technological capabilities of your business, communication, and support structure.

Within 3

Find out how you can put your existing technologies and tools to use in a more effective manner

Within 4

Develop remote workplace culture and help employees adapt to new technological tools such as communication software, project planning software, etc. as per the needs of your business. It includes enabling your employees to attend virtual meetings, training sessions, and events

Within 10

Efficiently modernize and scale your engagement capabilities with your employees, customers, and important stakeholders. Also, identify how to enhance the focus on security, networking, upgrades, and updates. Determine ways to make your people learn and adopt new ways of working with each other


Design a comprehensive Flexible Digital Workplace Implementation plan, which includes detailed roadmaps and structures to help top management and leaders build confidence and mutual trust in and among the employees. Promote a remote working culture and adaptation, flexibility and mobility, virtual work environment, coherent and consistent networking, and secure communication and deliveries.

Verdict – The Only Thing That Really Matters is People.

While the world has held its breath waiting for the difficult times to pass, keeping one's self sane is essentially important. No matter how many businesses, governments, and technological experts are trying to save the economy and build effective health solutions, all that keeps revolving in the minds of individuals is – Am I safe? Am I going to have COVID19? Are any of my loved ones going to suffer through it? How long is it going to take? How is the world going to cope up?

The urgency of these thoughts overpowers all the actions we take to protect our businesses through these times. As COVID19 has already taken thousands of lives across the globe, many more thousands are certainly going to die.

However, soon as the situation calms or we know how to deal with it, the point of discussion will not be how much destruction it did. Instead, it will be about how well individuals, governments, and businesses tackled the COVID19 crisis. With this rapid change, the best ones will be those who adapted rapidly and ensured productivity with strong willpower and sane minds.

FortySeven will stay in tune updating the information as the fast-changing situation raises new challenges for businesses and organizations. If you would like to speak with us, please contact our experts.