Linear Programming

Linear programming is a set of business management methods and techniques used to make managerial decisions. It is a branch of mathematics, which uses advanced computational methods to analyze problems related to managing operations and logistics.

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In linear programming, the definition of a problem is in terms of goals, variables, and constraints. Within this context, managers use computers to analyze the problem by applying sophisticated mathematical methods of analysis. This process results in producing an optimal solution, which describes the best combination of variables that can produce the best result for the organization.




Areas of Application

Resource Allocation

Where the allocation of the same set of resources can be to different users, linear programming helps to define the most optimal combination

Inventory Management

Linear programming helps managers plan their inventory and determining what levels of stock of each good they should hold

Route Planning

Distribution teams use linear programming to chart out the most efficient delivery route for the company’s fleet


Where a problem has multiple alternative solutions, each with their own costs and benefits, linear programming helps managers to choose the best alternative

Basic Terms in Linear Programming


In linear programming, the concept of variables refers to those factors controlled by the management. Variables in a linear programming problem represent questions such as how many units of Product A or Product B to produce.


Constraints are the limitations that the organization faces and cannot move beyond. For example, the production capacity of the organization is a constraint. It cannot produce more than the maximum output capacity of the machinery.

Minimization and Maximization

We use the most advanced linear programming methods to solve business problems of our clients. Whether you want to minimize operational and production costs or maximize revenue and profits, we help you analyze all the possible options and recommend the one that will best suit your business objectives and strategy.

Objective Function

The objective function is an expression of the problem in the form of a mathematical equation. The expression of the goal is in the form of an objective affected by the variables and constants.

Feasible Region

Upon solving the equation, a graphical representation of the solution shows a feasible region or the possible combinations of the two alternatives from which the company can choose.


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