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Information Security Audit

Every organization needs to have policies and systems to ensure the security of the information within its possession or control. An information security audit involves the assessment of these systems to ensure whether they offer adequate protection for the informational assets of the organization. Acomprehensive and detailed information security audit serves this purpose.

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Our information security audits assess the policies of our clients against sound measures and clear definitions. We help to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in the systems that can create potential problems for our clients.

Information Security Audit

Setting Benchmarks

We define clear information security benchmarks for our clients depending on the nature of their operations and their industry. This makes a comparison with peers in the same industry easier.

Assessment of Current Practices

We observe and assess the current practices of our clients’ according to what they state in their policies. This helps us to advise them about the weaknesses and strengths of their current practices.

Identify Risks

Through our detailed assessment and audit procedures, we identify and prioritize all the possible risks to the information assets of our clients.

Mitigation Steps

Based on our comprehensive assessment, we recommend practical steps to mitigate the risks that our clients face.

What Makes Our Information Security Audit Unique

Risk-Based Audits

Our audit practices focus on identifiable and unidentified risks to the information assets of our clients, including the risk of malware, fishing, and corporate spying, and so on.

Compliance with Standards

Our audit systems rely on the latest standards that support us in our effort to develop competitive information security systems with our clients.

Support with Implementation

We offer continuous support to our clients in order to help them implement our recommendations and improve their information security systems on a regular basis.

Focused Audits

Our services are scalable, which means that our clients can commission us for a complete audit of all their information resources, or audits for specific areas of the business operations.

Open Communication

We encourage and practice open communication to educate our clients about current risks in the environment and to help them understand the implications for their business.

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