eCommerce Search Algorithm Solution


The project aimed was to develop a customizable e-commerce software ideal for creating and supporting markets efficiently.

Requirements to the project included:

  • Look for the required products
  • Full-text search and other options
  • Apply a variety of parameters to search for products
eCommerce Software Development
Web Application Development
Java, Groovy, Grails, Spring, jUnit, Hibernate, Lucene, jQuery, JOSSO


As part of this project, we have developed a solution to create and support e-commerce markets. To satisfy customers at the business level, it supports access through web services, OCI, Ariba protocols and can be configured as a procurement system (or as part of some external system).


FortySeven has created an eCommerce software to search for products. The features includes:

  • 10 customization editions
  • Deploying over a million products in one market
  • Deploying over 50 standard installations

FortySeven has developed a solution that features over 10 customization editions for major European customers (deploying over a million products in one market) and over 50 standard installations.