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Business Processes Audit

At times, processes become inefficient and no longer meet the purpose of their design. A reliable audit of business processes helps the organization to identify these gaps and take corrective measures to increase their efficiency.


Auditing all the processes of an organization is a costly undertaking. Therefore, it is important to have these systems audited by an efficient and reliable company. This will help you focus on the most crucial aspects of the business processes for maximum benefit.


Business Process Audit Services

Productivity Analysis

Our business process audits focus on measuring the productivity of current processes used to produce different goods and services. We determine whether the business processes are adding the right amount of value for the company

Efficiency Analysis

We assess the extent to which the business processes of our clients result in larger gains or profits compared to the costs and investment in maintaining those processes. We identify areas that create waste and suggest ways to plug gaps.



Our audit procedures are completely result based. We assess those processes against the stated expectations of our clients and their customers to determine whether the processes are serving the interests of our clients.


What Makes Our Business Process Audit Unique

Training and Support

Not only do we perform rigorous audits of our clients’ business processes, we also help to train and equip them with the knowledge needed to conduct their own independent audits, including building complete audit systems for them.

Process Mapping

We develop comprehensive business process maps for our clients to help the senior managers understand how the processes function and where they overlap across the organization.

Technology Consultation

We advise our clients about the role technology can play in making their business processes more competitive and efficient, by reducing their costs, resource consumption, and time to execute different functions.

Strategy Alignment

We discuss strategic issues with our clients and help them analyze their business processes from a grand strategy perspective.

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